SS&C’s third annual CECL study maps progress of new standard adoption

Is your bank part of the 73% of financial institutions that have not started implementing requirements for CECL?

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Getting CECL right involves using an integrated solution. A platform specifically designed for integrating risk and finance.  EVOLV holistically solves the entire reserving problem, end-to-end. Let us show you what it takes to implement CECL successfully, with solutions ready to lead you to success today and beyond.

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SS&C Primatics – Defining a successful CECL implementation
Product Brief

Defining a successful CECL implementation

Find out more about the foundation of a successful CECL implementation.

A balanced and holistic approach to CECL.

A balanced and practical approach to CECL

Learn more about how EVOLV Enhanced Analytical solves the CECL challenge for mid to small sized institutions.

SS&C Primatics Data Assurance
Product Brief

EVOLVThe right choice

Find out why EVOLV is the right choice for addressing CECL.


1Experts to guide you every step of the way
224x7 customer support
3Industry leader in applying cutting-edge technology
4200+ successful system implementations
5SOC 1 type II and SOC 2 type II
6Deep history delivering value to institutions of all sizes for 12+ years
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