SS&C Innovest

SS&C Innovest

SS&C Innovest’s forward thinking technology solutions are the choice of many of the largest Trust Companies, Wealth Management firms, Retirement Platforms, and Philanthropic organizations in the industry.

Its scalable and robust cloud-based technology stack is used to support AUA in trust accounting and wealth management, retirement accounts, collective funds, payments and statements & tax forms. Innovest’s Managed Services division also provides comprehensive back- and middle-office services to organizations around the country.

Innovest is also the largest provider of fiduciary Unique Asset accounting, management and outsourcing services in the country, covering assets including Oil, Gas, Minerals, Real Estate, Closely-Held Businesses and Farms.

Managed Services

Insourcing. Outsourcing. Right-sizing. Third Party Administration. Hybrid Solutions. There is no single correct solution. The requirements, the expertise, experience, and even the scale of an operation vary widely by institution. We recognized this long ago and set out to create a solution.


Technology & Scalability to Drive Trust Accounting, Philanthropy & Self-Directed IRA Platforms In the most challenging and competitive environment in history, you need a significant advantage over your competition to attract, service, and retain your customers.


Sophisticated Technology Driving Innovative, User-Friendly Solutions for Retirement Platforms, Third-Party Administrators and Their Customers. Robust, customizable, cloud-based solutions to help you navigate the highly-competitive, highly-complex, and highly-regulated world of tax-qualified retirement plans and programs.

Unique Assets

Traditional trust accounting applications are designed to track principal and income. Regardless of their age or architecture, they are simply not designed to support the investment types categorized as Unique and Hard to Value. And out of necessity, every major trust accounting platform interfaces with our cloud-based applications.