Ready to Upgrade Your Investment Accounting Platform with Dramatically Superior Performance Measurement and Attribution?

You’re Already Half Way There!

SS&C’s Sylvan™ is easily integrated with most investment accounting solutions. That means you can have one of the industry’s most advanced performance and analytics solutions and your investment accounting solution -- all in one unified platform. The benefits include:

  • Seamless Integration
  • Quick, easy implementation with cloud hosting
  • More efficient workflow
  • Faster, more accurate calculations
  • Easier upgrades whether on-premise or hosted
  • Single vendor support

Put More Power in the Hands of Users to Visualize and Analyze Performance Data

Sylvan's performance analysis dashboards are intuitive and easy to personalize. Drag and drop design, conditional formatting and support for user-defined calculations provide a powerful performance and analysis toolkit.

Exception-based workflow and data validation enable superior automation from data validation through to report production – so you can reduce operational risk and empower your performance analysts to focus on exceptions and analyzing results.

Sylvan Will Enhance Your Investment Accounting Solution Platform with:

Complete end-to-end performance capabilities with performance at any level -- from total portfolio down to security level, using configurable time- and money-weighted return methodologies

Extensive attribution capabilities including over 20 out-of-the-box methodologies

Composite management toolkit with all the functionality you need to create and manage GIPS® 2020-compliant composites including all calculation, disclosure and reporting requirements

Ex-post risk support – more than 125 risk measures that can be reported at any level over any time period