SS&C GoCentral

Our new fund administration platform SS&C GoCentral is a more modern fund administration approach that amplifies our processing and technology efficiency. These improvements provide our clients with higher quality deliverables with increased transparency.

SS&C GoCentral has a wide variety of benefits to streamline fund administration

SS&C GoCentral marries traditional fund accounting and financial operations processes with artificial intelligence, seamlessly integrating all NAV components to create a highly efficient process.

SS&C GoCentral provides 3 progressively detailed views of information about each business function involved in building a NAV for our clients.

  • The “Summary Level” uses infographics to immediately convey to the reader the state of the NAV process.
  • The “Intelligence Level” goes deeper into the process and presents an AI inspection of the process steps and suggestions on how to proceed.
  • The “Detail Level” ties back into the core processing systems for the functional areas being reviewed.