EVOLV Platform

Your strategy for success

Whether a result of new reporting requirements, growth-related
opportunities, or strategic objectives, financial institutions are
frequently confronted by a changing business landscape.

The EVOLV Platform provides a long-term sustainable solution
to the evolving business landscape

A key differentiator for some of the most prominent financial institutions, EVOLV enables our
clients to adapt to changing business needs, operate more efficiently, make better business
decisions, and capitalize on growth opportunities in a controlled environment.

Platform features:


Customized adapters and accelerators for all major servicing and core banking systems


Software as a Service (SaaS) delivery model enable automatic system updates without disruptive on-site upgrades


Built on hybrid cloud architecture with massive parallel processing and grid computing


Extensions made through our Software Development Kit (SDK) can be modified or changed without impacting EVOLV, resulting in faster upgrades with minimal downtime


Embedded preventative and detective controls, including control totals, error reports, audit trails, reconciliations, and segregation of duties


Modular components are integrated across one platform

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