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Chorus Workforce Management

Chorus Workforce Management is a cloud-based workforce management solution that provides a single view of intelligent management automation tools to forecast, plan and balance employee performance and wellbeing.

Simplify Operations

Chorus Workforce Management captures and quantifies work and performance in real-time, aggregates ops data, and provides insight into resource availability, capacity, productivity rates and employee wellbeing.
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Boost Productivity by 15% in the First Year

Chorus Workforce Management simplifies operations with real-time data capture, automated advanced planning and efficient reallocation of resources across the workforce.

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Track Desktop Activities and Time Spent in Work and Non-Work Applications Wherever Your Employees are Working

Optimize workforce operations with flexible data collection.

Track progress to quickly adjust any plans with management process automation tools.

Measure resources to discover efficient allocation in supporting your business strategies.

Enhance productivity levels with faster ability to project, plan and manage performance and wellbeing.