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SS&C Singularity

Cloud-based, AI-powered platform for insurers and investment managers that provides integrated accounting, operational processing and advanced analytics for all asset types.

Unparalleled Operational Efficiency, Transparency, Scalability and Data Insight

Manage increasingly complex portfolios and facilitate growth with Singularity. Holistic risk management allows you to adapt quickly to market and regulatory changes all while reducing operational costs.

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Singularity for Treasury & Capital Markets

Discover an AI-driven investment accounting platform that modernizes treasury and capital market trade processing and settlement operations.


2023 Insurance Asset Management Technology and Investment Outlook with SS&C's Scott Kurland

Listen as Stewart Foley of discusses with SS&C how technology can improve investment operations.


The Transformation of Insurance Investment Analytics, Operations and Accounting

Survey of top insurers which addresses operational and technology challenges that come with expansion into alternative investments.

Choose Singularity for Unparalleled Analytical Insights, Operational Efficiency and Flexible Accounting and Reporting

SaaS, Full Outsourcing or Co-Sourcing for a solution that fits your needs.

Web and Mobile Accessibility for transparency, control and oversight.

Seamless Upgrades and Enhancements facilitate a disruption-free, future-proof experience.

Real-time Accounting, Embedded Reconciliation and Intelligent Automation Tools enable a timely and accurate book of record.

Integrates Seamlessly with Order Management Systems.