Business Process Solutions

What defines a Business Process?

A business process can be defined as a set of interconnected, action-oriented tasks that form part of a sequence in the development and delivery of a service or product to a customer.

Generally, business processes form a part of the steps required to accomplish a set of business goals and objectives, and require clearly defined inputs and requirements. These inputs can be broken down into:

1. Supporting Processes: Processes supporting the core business process - such as human resources and accounting.
2. Operational Processes: Processes essential to the development and constitution of the core business process.
3. Management Processes: Processes that involve the management of operational systems in the organization.

A business process can vary in length and complexity, sometimes involving a number of requirements and systems before reaching their end goal: service and product delivery.

Today, many companies have dedicated significant resources to the management and execution of business processes – turning to BPM software solutions that leverage technology and automation to increase efficiency.

SS&C’s leading business process management solution, AWD, helps businesses effectively align departments, people, and technology to improve operations and generate growth.

See how AWD can help your firm target strategic priorities, manage workflow, and close the digital gap.

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Business Process Solutions

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