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Automating Prescription Workflows with AI: An SS&C Case Study

Optimizing the provider, patient and insurer relationship by enabling 24/7 automated prescription processing.

100% straight-through processing for prescription pre-authorization and potential adverse event detection with AI.

Speedy and accurate disbursal of prescription medications is fundamental to our healthcare system. When process inefficiencies get in the way of this process it makes the lives of patients, doctors and pharmacists harder. The challenge? In many workflows over 90% of these prescriptions contain handwriting and nearly all are faxed, making it impossible for traditional OCR to read.

Many organizations are turning to 24/7 human teams but this is costly, prone to error, and results in lengthy turnaround times. That’s where SS&C Vidado’s AI comes in. Vidado can read handwriting, faxes, and low DPI scans 1,000x faster than humans with greater accuracy.

In this case study you’ll learn..
> How one Vidado customer is automating 100% of their incoming prescriptions with no human intervention.
> How another Vidado customer cut their prescription processing time by 50%.
> How you can start digitizing prescriptions with 95%+ accuracy - including handwriting, faxes and low-DPI scans in as little as 15 minutes.

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Automating Prescription Workflows with AI: An SS&C Case Study

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