AI-Powered Marketing for Asset Managers

The personalization of experience for each individual – the holy grail of marketing – is becoming a reality with artificial intelligence (AI). Leveraging AI technologies, marketers are starting to glean valuable insights about their customers and personalize content, products, and experiences for them. That is essential, because for three out of four advisors, a personalized, relevant digital experience tips the balance when choosing among similar products with comparable performance.


Our report, AI-Powered Marketing for Asset Managers, explores leveraging AI solutions for obtaining insights, gaining efficiency, increasing relevance, and creating opportunity using data that most firms already have.

A maturity model for AI in marketing helps firms assess at what stage they are and provides recommendations for moving to the next stage to build seamless, individualized experiences that result in increased lifetime customer value.

Purchase this report to learn:

  • Why firms need AI-powered marketing.
  • The benefits of leveraging AI in their marketing.
  • What it takes to get started.
  • AI in Marketing Maturity model.


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