Connecting with the Next Generation of Advisors: What Advisors Do Online

Age is emerging as a significant factor in how the next generation of advisors and investors is interacting with asset managers.

Advisors born after 1980 have grown up fundamentally differently from previous generations —with sophisticated technology, transactions and communications at their fingertips through joysticks, controllers and smartphones. For younger advisors, these actions and choices have shaped their entire digital experience, and their subsequent use of online platforms for payments, reservations and entertainment reinforces expectations for digital interactions and relationships that are sophisticated, responsive, simple and convenient.

Of course, the use of new platforms, devices and business models is by no means limited to younger advisors and investors —the high adoption rates by earlier generations cannot be ignored.

Purchase this research to better understand what asset managers need to do, including details on:
  • Leveraging client data
  • Identifying who makes which decisions, and what influences them
  • Delivering relevant insights and recommendations to help any advisors, especially Millennials, make informed choices
  • Making it easy for younger advisors

The primary audience for this report includes; executives and managers of marketing, distribution, national accounts, sales and business intelligence.


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