Effective Product Marketing Strategies

The financial world is saturated with investment products, strategies, and philosophies. As a result, it is easy for investment funds to get lost in a sea of obscurity. Our research shows that just 37.3% of financial advisors could name a compelling product pitch they had received from a fund manager or wholesaler in the last six months. In order for asset managers to stand out from the crowd and drive new flows, we believe firms need to develop brand-aligned products and tell powerful product stories.

Our new, two-part Effective Product Marketing Strategies series looks at practices and recommendations marketing and product teams can take in their efforts to build brand-aligned products which can drive engagement, conversations, and – ultimately – sales. It also provides actionable steps firms can take that can help advance the advisor journey.


Purchase provides access to two reports that can help you:

  • Develop products more tightly aligned with your firm’s brand.
  • Differentiate your investment offerings with more compelling product profiles, sell sheets, and other content that are closely linked to your firm’s value proposition.
  • Use our checklist to guide brand alignment during the product development process.
  • Learn from examples of leading firms implementing best practices and recommendations.

Primary Audience: Heads of Marketing or Product and Strategy Development


This report builds on previous DST research and surveys on asset managers’ product management and financial advisors’ preferences and practices.

Report Details
  • Two reports containing 73 pages
  • Released: 7/25/2017
  • Author: Tracy Needham