Five Ways to Win Over Advisors with Discretion - What Advisors Do Online 2018

Over the last few years, industry pressures have driven dramatic change in the business models and practices of financial advisors, dividing them into two camps. The first are advisors with discretion over the selection and allocation of investments for their clients’ portfolios. The second are advisors without discretion – and their numbers are steadily increasing. They adopt home office and other models and/or join forces to create a team of advisors with an internal investment manager overseeing portfolio construction for their clients. While asset managers continue to funnel more resources to national accounts, it’s even more important for their marketing and sales team to know who the shrinking number of advisors with discretion are, in order to directly influence their purchases and redemptions.


Our "5 Ways to Win Over Advisors Who Have Discretion: What Advisors Do Online 2018" report surveyed 550 financial advisors and closely examined what advisors with discretion expect from their digital experiences with asset managers and how firms can meet their five essential needs.

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  • Learn about the digital needs and preferences of all advisors, particularly advisors with discretion.
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  • View survey results (and questions), including responses broken down by channel.

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Primary Audience: Heads of Marketing, Digital Marketing Managers, Heads of Distribution and Business Intelligence


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