Stop Scoring Leads and Start Tracking Customer Opportunity

Customer Opportunity Scoring is a crucial tool for today’s asset managers, taking the common task of identifying the best prospects for a firm to the next level. It ranks advisors by their long-term value to the firm – not just their likelihood to engage in short-term sales – and identifies opportunities to do business with them over and over again.

Many firms already rank advisors with traditional lead scoring, hoping to identify the ones who are seriously considering the firm’s products. But just 2 in 5 asset management distribution heads say that they are using lead scoring technology they find to be beneficial. That’s because much of the lead scoring in our industry has been based on guesswork — opinions about which interactions with advisors suggest they’re likely to buy a product in the near future. While that was a good start, it’s simply not an efficient use of resources to have salespeople pursue every advisor with a high AUM who visits your website and opens an email.

The SS&C research team conducted two surveys, one of National Sales Managers and other sales leaders from 20 asset managers and one of marketing leaders from 33 asset managers. The surveys were conducted Q4 2018 to Q12019. Follow-up interviews with marketing and business intelligence leaders were also held in Q2 and Q3 2019. A third survey, of National Sales Managers at 22 firms, contributed as well and was conducted in Q3 2019


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