3 Key Opportunities to Advance Advisor Relationships through the Home Office

The home office provides an array of valuable information and services to its advisors–including infrastructure, technology, wealth management tools and investment analysis–and is a powerful center of influence for asset managers to tap. But no broker-dealer provides everything that its advisors need to compete effectively these days.

Identifying and partnering with home offices on the right opportunities to close these gaps can help asset managers compete more successfully, enabling them to build awareness, engagement and advocacy among advisors in a more powerful, efficient way than pursuing all of them individually.   

This report leverages our latest survey of advisors about their home offices, as well as interviews with broker-dealer executives. It reveals that an advisor’s business model has significant influence on the importance of these gaps in home office resources. It shows asset managers which gaps are the best opportunities to influence advisor’s investment decisions–and boils them down into three key strategies to focus on:

• Become the go-to resource for home offices in a useful niche.
• Help the home office’s internal consulting teams answer product questions.
• Share content that gets clicks to the home office portal.


This report is available to all firms that are subscribers of our WalletShare service. If you are interested in purchasing this report, or joining WalletShare, please contact us.

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