Uncovering Hidden Opportunities with Data-Driven Marketing Campaigns

Advisors are taking fewer phone calls and fewer meetings with wholesalers. Nearly 46% of advisors say they will not need to meet with wholesalers by 2020, while 77% of asset management firms believe advisors will prefer digital interactions over sales team contact. Working tightly with sales, marketing teams will likely need to play a bigger role in connecting with advisors, bringing in new business, and retaining clients. Further, we think that the more successful marketing teams will integrate and effectively use sales and behavioral data from CRMs, marketing automation, website paths, and social networks.


Our report, “Uncovering Hidden Opportunities With Data-Driven Marketing Campaigns,” outlines the ways marketing and sales can use data from multiple touchpoints to jointly segment advisors and develop acquisition, nurturing, and retention strategies. This unified approach can allow marketing to launch and test personalized, multi-channel outbound marketing campaigns targeting advisors most likely to be receptive to the firm’s value proposition and offerings.

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  • Learn five detailed steps and examples to assist in creating data-driven marketing campaigns.
  • Understand four building blocks to help to develop capacity.

This report is based on findings from two proprietary surveys:

  • DST’s Advisor Insights survey research conducted in November 2016 in association with Horsesmouth, an online community of financial advisors; findings are based on responses from 416 US financial advisors who responded to a four-question survey.
  • A survey, including 13 questions on marketing strategy, business intelligence, staffing, and budgets, conducted with 26 CMOs in November 2016.
Report Details
  • 34 pages
  • Released: 6/27/2017
  • Author: Julia Binder


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