Private Equity Wire’s Technology Summit Data Analytics Panel Discussion

We participated in Private Equity Wire’s Technology Summit in February 2021. We were happy to participate in the Data Analytics panel. The following topics were discussed:

• What are the latest technology developments available to PE groups to improve efficiency in data management?
• How can AI/ML tools be utilized in the front office to enhance pre-investment company analysis, due diligence, risk forecasting/modelling?
• Data in, data out–what should PE firms be doing to optimise the way they source and aggregate data to improve their investment decision-making?
• Can predictive analytics help bring marginal gains to investment portfolios–both in terms of market alpha and operational alpha (e.g. frees up time for analysts/deal partners to seek out an extra deal or two over the course of the year)
• Using data analytics to uncover new insights in portfolio company operating performance; can this lead to cross-fertilization benefits within the wider portfolio?

• Dr. Ahmed Khamassi, Head of Data Science, Stirling Square Capital Partners
• Sajjad Jaffar, Managing Partner, Two Six Capital
• Tobias True, Partner, Adams Street Partners
• Paul Ross, SVP Marketing, Sentieo
• Michael Megaw, Managing Director, Regulatory. Analytics and Data, SS&C

Private Equity Wire’s Technology Summit Data Analytics Panel Discussion

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