Global Transfer Agency Webinar

Today, a large global fund complex might be working with as many as a dozen different transfer agents around the globe. It is expensive, complicated and time-consuming for managers and denies them a comprehensive view of their investors. Fund distributors also find it frustrating to have to deal with multiple transfer agents when buying different funds from the same manager. How did we get to this point? And can attempts to create a global transfer agency service succeed?

In this webinar SS&C, Janus Henderson Investors, and Standard Life Aberdeen discuss:

  • The drivers for firms looking to rationalize and reduce duplicate mandates across domiciles
  • The way asset managers are looking to cut costs in general due to margin pressure, and to cut the costs of transfer agency
  • The impact of distributor demands
  • The benefits of a common view of distribution and investor relationships across multiple domiciles for asset managers
  • The role of data and analytics as a driver for sales growth
  • The different operational models which achieve a global transfer agency structure

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