Introducing SS&C's New Middle Office and Treasury Services for Insurers

SS&C is pleased to announce the launch of additional services to support Insurer’s investment operations and treasury functions. Feedback from our current and prospective insurance clients led SS&C to expand its current outsource solution to  include middle office functions such as affirmation, confirmation and  settlements, collateral management and treasury services for insurers. SS&C is the leading provider of middle and back-office services for Hedge Funds and Asset Managers and is leveraging its existing platform for Insurers. 

Key benefits for Insurers:

  • Mitigate risk: Leverage SS&C’s controlled environment to support all aspects of middle office and treasury functions.
  • Complex and deep asset class expertise: The depth and breadth of our experience enables us to provide award winning service and advanced analytical tools tailored to the unique requirements of the insurance industry segment.
  • Transparency and online access to information: SS&C systems are connected via a real-time messaging bus. This provides transparency to your data and process status.
  • Scalability: Our technology and operations team is built to comfortably support client growth and handle volume spikes.

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