Introduction to DBC Debt Manager

DBC Debt Manager tracks all critical information on outstanding debt from issuance through final maturity in one central repository. All changes to debt outstanding are tracked, including full history of issuances, refunds and other payments or defeasances. Users can run a variety of reports, including debt service reports and funding reports by issuer, series, general project or specific project, or any combination of these. The reports can be customized using various report parameters including an ‘As of Date’, which allows reports to be run as of any date with altering the underlying data. 

Issuers nationwide, including states, counties, cities, housing agencies, and authorities, rely upon DBC Debt Manager to manage their debt. DBC Debt Manager is the only product that can import/export data directly from/to DBC Finance, so you will be able to import DBC Finance files from your underwriters and financial advisors.

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