Solving Paper in Operational Use Cases

Fill out the form on the right to view our recorded webinar, “Solving Paper in Operational Use Cases” to see how users of SS&C AWD + Vidado increase straight-through processing more than 40% by digitizing handwriting and low-quality machine print at 95%+ accuracy.

In this webinar you’ll learn:

  • How to incorporate Vidado into AWD workflows to extract handwriting and low-quality machine print from paper effectively.
  • How a Vidado user reduced its average claim processing time from 28 minutes to 2.
  • How Vidado integrates into AWD workflows to provide truly format-agnostic data ingestion.

Moderated by CJ Towle of Vidado Marketing, the webinar features:

  • Richard Clark, Head of Product Strategy, AWD
  • Nowell Outlaw, GM, Vidado
  • Chirag Ghelani Product Principal, Vidado

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