SS&C Dialogues - Where Do We Go from Here? A Global Perspective

Over 80 countries have approached the IMF for rapid financing support as a result of COVID-19 and this is uncharted territory for policy makers. Most governments around the world have already undertaken a series of monetary, macro prudential and fiscal measures in an attempt to safeguard their economies and to manage social costs. Some of these measures break previously-held policy taboos, including monetary financing of governments.

Nonetheless, the virus’s path is unknown, as is the efficacy of containment efforts, and final impact on consumers and commerce. There is no single data point or analysis that can forecast the economic impact of COVID-19.

What can governments and international institutions do to mitigate the impact of COVID-19 and what are the political risks and policy opportunities that may be prompted by the crisis? How might we get out of this and what might the new normal look like?

Listen to this webinar to hear global experts discuss why we need a careful examination of a range of indicators across asset classes, recession and recovery patterns, global political outlook, macro-economic data points as well as lessons learned from past epidemics, to acquire insights into the potential future.

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