2023 Lenders Guide for Private Market Investing: 10 Things to Know

Loan Management: Control Risk, Increase Efficiency, Improve Profitability

With the increase and rapid growth of private lending portfolios, comes complexity in managing the process. In this e-book, we explore the major considerations and strategies that solve some of the most difficult loan management issues private lenders face today. In this Guide you can expect help navigating this complex market and insights into:

  • Straight-through-processing
  • Hybrid credit funds
  • Unique accounting and regulation requirements
  • Focus on ESG and allocations
  • Loan modifications and restructuring



Choose Precision LM for Its Automation, Flexibility, Ease of Use and Modern API-Based Integration Options

Web-based origination and pipeline management for integrated loan origination, servicing and asset administration.

Responsive borrower lender and investor portals for greater transparency and online self-service requests.

Servicing automation, document imaging and multichannel correspondence for simplified full lifecycle loan management.

Flexible payment terms and waterfalls for multi-currency loan accounting for servicing more complex loan structures.

Asset management and covenant tracking for asset surveillance and borrower monitoring.