Client Prioritization: The Key to Optimizing National Accounts

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Shrinking shelf space at distributors and the growth of model portfolios over the past decade have given national accounts teams greater influence over advisors’ product decisions and amplified its importance to the firm’s long-term asset and revenue growth. But the challenges have increased too. There’s more work to be done now to maximize the sales opportunity for the firm. Distributors are demanding more support from asset managers while also pressing them to reduce fees. Furthermore, most national accounts leaders must navigate all this without a big jump in resources.

As our latest research report explains, national accounts teams can grow the sales opportunities for their firm, and do so more efficiently, by more closely aligning their strategy and coverage with a rigorous, data-driven assessment that ranks each distributor relationship according to their importance to the long-term success of the firm. But first, our recent survey of national accounts leaders found several important issues firms need to address in their current relationship assessment process, to ensure it is truly prioritizing the best long-term clients for the firm. Then, the report details three key opportunities for national accounts teams to use their new and improved client prioritization to make the most of three key resources: attention, money and staff.