Dare to be Different - Challenge Assumptions to Optimize Distribution

Asset management sales leaders spend significant time and energy evaluating questions like how many wholesalers they need or the ideal size of an advisor focus list. Yet the attention paid to those details often fails to move the needle in the ways or the magnitude that one might expect.

In many cases, leaders may feel like they are asking the questions they should be tackling. But the distribution landscape is too diverse, and products too numerous, to assume that every firm fits into the standard organizational structures, sales roles and measurements of success.

Instead, firms need to take a step back and challenge their assumptions about what makes an ideal intermediary sales organization – to question the questions they ask themselves. A bit of organizational self-reflection and a renewed commitment to the principles of their sales strategy, rather than an automatic adherence to the practices handed down over the years, will put firms in a better position to succeed today and through the unknowns of the future.

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