Embracing the New - Decoding LPs' Perspectives on Emerging Managers

In the midst of a challenging fundraising environment, this webinar will shine a light on limited partners’ (LPs’) sentiment towards emerging managers. Based on findings from a primary research project, experts will discuss LPs’ engagement with this group of managers, the way they assess and evaluate such firms and the role technology plays in these decisions.

Talking points include:

  • Key influential factors when selecting emerging managers

  • Challenges LPs face when investing with start-up firms

  • LP expectations and communication preferences

  • Risk management and the role of technology


  • Giovanni Pericolini, Partner & CEO, Medicxi Ventures

  • Michelle Jacobi, Managing Director, Gatewood Capital Partners

  • Ian Kelly, Managing Director and Head of Private Markets International, SS&C

  • Moderated by Aftab Bose, Private Equity Wire