Embracing the New - Decoding LPs' Perspectives on Emerging Managers Report

Ready to scale up and unlock serious LP capital?

Emerging managers face a range of challenges after launching their new business. GPs must concentrate on performance but remain focused on a plethora of other issues, ranging from technology to compliance and how best to handle and grow their LP base.

Our new report produced together with Private Equity Wire, shines a light on how up-and-coming emerging fund managers are getting ahead and attracting investment in a competitive market.

Key findings include:


LPs are investing in emerging fund managers who can deliver higher alpha, unique investment strategies and investment transparency

Emerging managers are standing out by investing in technology and administrative support


The top three most influential factors for LPs when choosing GPs are team expertise, transparency and reporting quality, and alignment with LP philosophy

Discover more secrets to emerging fund manager success in our new research report.

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