Emerging Managers: Starting a Hedge Fund, Strategies to Better Operations and Lower Cost

Starting up a hedge fund can be a challenging endeavor, from raising capital and regulatory requirements to costs for staffing, training and workspace. Emerging managers must know how to spend money the right way to successfully launch.

Watch our webinar to learn about what emerging managers need to know when starting up a hedge fund.




Hedge Fund Solutions from SS&C

As the most trusted global provider, SS&C helps today's hedge funds operate more smoothly, with greater agility and the ability to make informed and timely decisions.

Fund Administration

As the largest global fund administrator, SS&C provides global operations services and technology to today’s largest funds through start-ups.

Front Office

Our experts are always on hand to work with our clients directly and build key relationships with you so that we know what your goals are and work together to achieve them. We know that one size doesn’t fit all so we offer bespoke services to keep you up to date with changes, this allows you to respond without hesitation and creates maximum efficiency.

Investor Servicing

How you engage, support and service your investors is more important today than ever. SS&C is changing the way fund managers communicate, modernizing how information is shared with investors.

Infrastructure Support

All of our technology is in-house, which makes us standout in this crowded market place. Our teams are experts in their fields and can assist with any queries you have. And if the worse should happen and you need support our teams are on hand to help directly resolve your queries, providing a more efficient service to you.

Middle Office

With real-time transparency, SS&C can deliver a suite of middle office solutions to meet a firm’s needs and requirements, including account administration, asset valuation, compliance processing, data aggregation, performance measurement, reconciliation and other services.

Shadow Administration & Accounting

Our shadow services give our clients transparency and allow them to focus on other tasks such as portfolio management. We know how important data protection is to our clients and work to offer protection at the highest level with expertise you can trust.