Humans and Machine: The AI-Influenced Distribution Team of the Future

Elements of artificial intelligence have been spinning the cogs of asset management organizations for years. But only recently has the average salesperson or marketer truly understood how tools like ChatGPT or machine learning could influence their day-to-day work.

We are looking at a future in asset management distribution in which firms have a deeper, more textured understanding of their most important clients and distribution partners—and the tools to bring that to bear in faster, more personal, and more relevant and impactful engagements. Distribution leaders’ effort considering how these tools can enhance the speed and quality of their work on personalized engagement models is time well spent.

Exploring and implementing AI does not necessarily require a huge commitment of dedicated technology resources. But it does require helping sales and marketing professionals understand how their jobs may look different—and better—with AI, as well as developing the skills important to maximizing AI’s value and individual contributor potential. 

Ultimately, AI’s power will not be in replacing jobs or even tamping down costs. Sales and marketing professionals will still be necessary, but they will spend less time creating content and communications, and more time verifying and contextualizing that content and engagement.

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