Investment Performance Measurement and Client Reporting – Managing Key Operations in Times of Crisis

Your investment clients are likely more anxious than ever to track their performance and receive updates from you, but any pre-existing challenges in areas such as operational resilience, scalability, key person work, data access and quality, have only been amplified by the fallout from COVID-19.

To help strengthen your investment performance measurement and client reporting, we present this webinar, in partnership with The Summit for Asset Management (TSAM) and Adox Research, that explores industry insights, key challenges, innovative solutions and best practices. During the webinar:

  • Adox’s Gert Raeves highlights findings from its “Follow the Money 2020” report.
  • Gert joins SS&C’s performance measurement expert Mark Elliott and client reporting lead Mike Kendall in a panel discussion on current versus future state operations; reasons for prompting action; and why the right time to re-evaluate your activities is now.
  • The team shares their three key takeaways to help you get started toward enhancing your investment performance measurement and client reporting.