Moving to a New Fund Administrator - One Firm's Experience

Many fund managers are frustrated or dissatisfied with their current fund administrator, yet they are hesitant to change for fear it will be a daunting, disruptive and potentially risky process. As a result, they miss out on the business benefits a change could bring and settle for the status quo.

NTAsset, a Bangkok-based hedge fund manager, was using a fund administrator bundled into a custodial relationship. The firm recognized the need for a change and wanted an independent administrator with a modern technology infrastructure. After a disciplined due diligence process, NTAsset selected SS&C. In this paper, NTAsset’s Chief Operations Officer Marayart Teeratomorn sits down with SS&C GlobeOp and explains the firm’s decision and describes the conversion experience, as well as the benefits the firm has realized as a result of the switch.

So, in reality, changing administrators doesn’t have to be daunting—provided that the new administrator has a proven, systematic conversion process designed to minimize disruption and virtually eliminate any risks.