Navigating Interval Funds in Today’s Market

Interval funds have been gaining steam leading up to 2020, and they weathered the pandemic market volatility fairly well. Increasingly, asset managers are targeting the mainstream, mass affluent retail segment with alternative investment products, like interval funds.

By understanding the nuances of interval funds, asset managers can provide retail investors access to illiquid asset strategies (strategies that otherwise might be available only to institutional investors). But they also come with additional complexity.

At SS&C, we service eight of the top 15 selling interval funds and learned a thing or two. We have condensed the highlights into this whitepaper. Here’s some of what it covers:

  • Understanding interval funds in context and by comparison.
  • Deep dive on operating principles, such as periodic and limited access to capital.
  • Market opportunities and performance for interval funds.
  • Unique operational considerations for asset managers to understand in achieving sustainable growth for interval funds.