Navigating Private Credit: Look Before You Launch

The rise in popularity of private credit offers a wealth of investor opportunities. Rapid growth, however, comes with added complexity. "Navigating Private Credit: Look Before you Launch," the latest whitepaper from SS&C, casts an expert eye over the risks and rewards of a flourishing and dynamic market.

In this whitepaper, we help
you to navigate through:

Operational complexity

With hundreds of moving parts, a private credit fund calls for specialist expertise, knowledge and technology specific to private credit administration.

Traditional funds vs private credit

Even well-established private equity and real estate funds aren’t set up to deal with the many moving parts associated with private credit.

Due diligence

Understand the impact of compliance restrictions across foreign jurisdictions and the importance of governing forex exposure.

Proven solutions

How third-party private credit solutions can accelerate time to market and free up resources, leaving you to concentrate on deals and fundraising.

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