A New Model in Transfer Agency Services

A number of forces are converging to drive change in the asset management industry. Arguably the most challenging is the accelerating pace of technology innovation. At the same time, as managers endeavor to retain and grow existing investors and attract new assets, they face new and growing competitive threats.

Against this backdrop, many asset managers are coming to the realization that their transfer agents—often overlooked as simply a cost of doing business—may in fact be well-positioned and equipped to help them surmount these challenges. The question, however, is whether the provider is consistently investing in cutting-edge automation, and has the scale and vision to rise to the role.

This paper explores:

  • The challenges confronting asset managers today.
  • How the transfer agency (TA) model needs to evolve to meet the moment.
  • The “must-haves” asset managers should look for in a TA in order to derive the optimal strategic value from the relationship.