The Power of Personalization

Financial advisors of all types are demanding experiences tailored to their interests and goals. But providing personalization in asset management is not as simple as knowing whether a client likes horror films or comedies.

Most asset management firms are falling short. In fact, when asked to identify characteristics of asset manager salespeople, only 15% of financial advisors selected “knowledgeable about my business/problems/challenges” as a characteristic associated with salespeople. Yet, this same characteristic is the #1 most correlated characteristic to salesperson advocacy in our annual survey, which is conducted in association with Horsesmouth. It is obvious that there is a gap between what financial advisors expect and what asset managers are delivering in terms of personalizing engagement to the advisor’s unique practice needs.

Asset managers must adapt to the new paradigm by integrating personalization into their distribution strategy. Download our whitepaper to learn about the three pillars that firms must consider when personalizing their strategies to their own organizational cultures, the unique skillsets of individual wholesalers, and the feasibility of any changes.