Smart From the Start: Leveraging the Power of Smart Technology

What is smart technology and why does it matter to asset and wealth management operations? This whitepaper explores the ways smart technology allows for thinking differently about operations and delivering large-scale improvements in efficiency. The paper also examines five areas of intelligent functionality that can drive significant operational improvements in very short order and address problems like processing bottlenecks, ineffective workarounds and sluggish data siloes.
Smart Technology in Action: SS&C Aloha

All Asset Classes on One System A single, consolidated view of all investments provides valuable insights into portfolios, operations, compliance and risk.

Unified Data Model One source of truth that is always up to date and delivers persona-based intelligent insights to Front Office (IBOR) thru Back Office (ABOR).

Innovative User Experience Intuitive and responsive providing information that is tailored to the specific needs of each user persona.

Smart From the Start Microservices architecture, Advanced AI, Machine Learning, NLP, workflow and automated system monitoring are designed into the core of the system, which keeps learning and improving.

Front, Middle and Back Office All on One System Aloha’s single state-of-the-art system delivers robust capabilities from end-to-end, eliminating operational silos.

On-demand Capacity, Scale and Connectivity Cloud-native, secure and zero-footprint, the solution expands dynamically and is always up-to-date.