Total Cost of Care - Implementing a Cost Diet to Enable Value-Based Payment

Learn how to use total cost of care data to provide needed visibility when considering value-based payment arrangements. The amount that Americans spend on health care is astronomical and is continuing on an unsustainable trajectory. Total cost of care promises to deliver actionable data to reduce healthcare spend by unraveling the cost drivers and offering transparency to stakeholders so they can make better decisions in care delivery.

Our webinar provides valuable information to understand opportunities using total cost of care data:

  • Explain the industry-accepted approach to evaluating total cost of care and resource use for better cost-efficiency.
  • Identify metrics needed to facilitate the assessment of provider performance and quality effectiveness for use in value-based payment.
  • Formulate strategies to reduce costs for collaborative provider contracting.
  • Describe the role of quality in total cost of care programs.
  • Recognize the state of technology for payers in launching a cost transparency initiative.
  • Help providers by supporting behavior change in care delivery using a holistic view of patients.