Certified Portfolio Manager Credential Program

Increase your value and boost new business. From new regulation and robo-advisors to blockchain and fee compression, the financial services industry is in transition and the role and value-add of a financial advisor is shifting accordingly. Continuing education, in the form of certifications and designations, has continued to emerge as a leading trend across the industry to fill this gap.

The Certified Portfolio Manager (CPM®) program is a concentrated program that establishes a specialized area of expertise in discretionary portfolio management, immersing candidates in asset valuation, portfolio construction and risk management.

Benefits of Earning the CPM®

Portfolio Growth
Survey data indicates 60% of CPM professionals have grown their business over 25% since earning the designation.

Continuing education program refines skills in valuation analysis, portfolio construction and risk management.

Earning the CPM credential is a great way to garner the confidence of both clients and employers to advance your career.

Upon completion of the program, graduates become a select member of the Academy of Certified Portfolio Managers including industry peers.

Regular events including the ACPM Annual Conference incorporate sessions led by industry experts and university professors covering current market and industry trends.