Global Treasury and Capital Markets Processing

Global Treasury Manager (GTM) is a suite of Industry leading solutions designed specifically to meet the needs of broker/dealers, credit unions, and banks. SS&C’s solutions for financial institutions include fixed-income securities trading, safekeeping, money market processing, collateral management, repo processing, portfolio accounting and analytics as well as asset/liability management.

Singularity Foreign Exchange

Singularity FX is a functionality rich, best practices-enabled Foreign Exchange system that is fully scalable and suitable for any enterprise, regardless of size, business model or geographic location. The application delivers a robust collection of features and capabilities to serve the needs of client portal/front office, middle office and back office users.


A functionally rich, enterprise wide, best practices solution that provides support for the trading, middle-, and back-office operations of financial institutions around the globe. Offering a fully integrated solution that covers foreign exchange, money markets, interest rate and currency derivatives, securities, and precious metals, TradeThru allows financial institutions to consolidate their trade processing, risk management, and settlement processing onto one system.


Real-time valuations in the fields of FX, commodity and collateralized trading, risk management, position keeping and support for foreign exchange, OTC FX vanilla and exotic options, FX accumulators, and commodity/metals trading. The solution was designed in collaboration with leading global FX market players and can be deployed internally or in an SS&C hosted environment.


A comprehensive and scalable solution that provides straight-through processing for trading, sales, funding, collateral management, trace reporting, portfolio management, and safekeeping to financial Institutions of all sizes and complexities. Lightning is a fully integrated and web-based ASP solution that seamlessly links front-, middle-, and back-office fixed-income securities processing. TradeDesk Workflow simplifies system management, combining Internet-based processing with an information portal for customer orders and inquiries. Lightning Back Office modules offer safekeeping, portfolio accounting, analytics, asset/liability management, and full regulatory reporting and record-keeping.

PortPro® Investment Center

The PortPro Investment Center product suite is an affordable comprehensive solution which serves financial institutions of all sizes and sophistication to effectively measure, analyze, and manage balance sheets and investment portfolios. PortPro delivers bond accounting and analytics, including swap scenarios and the flexibility of user-defined rate shocks, to predict risk in any potential market condition. PALMS – PortPro Asset/Liability Management Service provides detailed analysis to evaluate your balance sheet. Perform real-time simulations to predict the effects of new products, rate or volume changes prior to making investment, policy or product change decisions.