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Middle & Back Office Services

As the role of middle office expands and the level of demands increase, firms are looking for outside help for scalable and flexible solutions. With real-time transparency, SS&C can deliver a suite of middle office solutions to meet a firm’s needs and requirements, including account administration, asset valuation, compliance processing, data aggregation, performance measurement, reconciliation and other services.

Streamline Processes and Free Staff to be More Productive

Our experts can take on any or all of your back- and middle-office operations so you can focus on more strategic activity that drives growth. And unlike other providers, we won’t make you fit into a standardized or static operating model. Backed by a technology infrastructure that we built and own, we can put together a highly customized package of services for your unique needs.

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The Importance of Enabling an Employee Trade Monitoring Program

High ethical standards are key to healthy client relationships. Know the importance of enabling an employee trade monitoring program.


Blue Sky Administration: Achieve Mutual Funds State Fee Cost Savings

Learn how SS&C can help you navigate the complexities and mitigate the risks of Blue Sky administration and compliance.


Blue Sky Administration: Understanding Regulation D

Blue Sky laws can be a bit of a double-edged sword for hedge and private funds. Learn how SS&C can help you stay Blue Sky compliant.

Middle Office Solutions from SS&C

Full Outsourcing

Our capabilities covers a wide range of operational processes, including portfolio accounting, reconciliation, performance measurement, reporting and more.

Component Outsourcing

You can decide which processes make sense to outsource and which you’d prefer to manage in-house. Select from our vast menu of services, including reconciliation, performance and attribution, portfolio accounting and reporting, and more.

Hosting Services

Take advantage of the full functionality of our technology solutions without adding to your internal infrastructure or IT requirements. Our dedicated, experienced team will manage your technical environment and batch processing, freeing you to focus on your business.