Advent Asset Management Platform

Connect your office end-to-end.

The SS&C Advent Asset Management Platform is the fully integrated, front-to-back solution for global investment management. Encompassing a variety of mission-critical applications that share a common interface and speak the same language, it spans the entire investment process, from portfolio management through trade execution to reconciliation, performance analysis, client reporting, CRM and fee calculations. What’s more, it puts portfolio managers, traders, analysts, operations teams, administrators and leadership all on the same platform, with rapid access to the data they need to do their jobs more effectively.

Streamline operations: The platform seamlessly connects your front, middle and back offices.

Make smarter decisions: Get the data you need when you need it, the way you need to see it, to help you make more informed strategic business decisions.

Deployment options: The platform is available as a set of software components installed on premise or cloud delivered through Advent Outsourcing Services.