Advent Genesis™

Streamline portfolio construction and rebalancing.

Designed with the portfolio manager in mind, Advent Genesis is a highly scalable, cloud-based portfolio construction and rebalancing solution designed to work in concert with our Moxy® trade order management system. It enables portfolio managers to manage models, rebalance accounts, monitor portfolio drift, and adjust strategies more quickly and efficiently. The combination of Advent Genesis and Moxy gives firms a seamless path from trading decisions through trade creation to execution.

  • Increases portfolio manager productivity
  • Reduces need to run and analyze reports to determine daily cash and rebalancing requirements
  • Allows management by exception, resulting in significant efficiencies, time savings and greater accuracy in rebalancing
  • Accelerates process from trading decisions to execution
  • Drift analysis ensures portfolios stay on strategy and in line with mandates
  • Supports expansion into new products, markets and lines of business