Advisor Practice Management

Proactively oversee and monitor all aspects of plan management while growing your business.

Providers and advisors often face mounting demands and conflicting priorities. They must adhere to rapidly evolving fiduciary standards while needing to remain focused on attracting and supporting retirement plan sponsors.

Our Advisor Practice Management solutions provide an integrated suite of services ranging from calculators and tools, to advisor marketing participant communications and resources that help you gain insights, support customer planning efforts; and add functionality and brand loyalty to advisor-customer relationships.

Advisor Workstation

Advisor Workstation offers a wide range of capabilities to help advisors streamline their workload and deliver data-driven insights through a centralized dashboard with key capabilities, such as:

  • Data aggregation - access to a multitude of data sources, including recordkeepers, to integrate the user experience into a single view of a firm’s entire retirement plan book of business across all providers, right down to the participant level.
  • SSO authentication - single sign-on (SSO) functionality is amplified with entitlement management capabilities to help to create a secure foundation for authenticating users.
  • Plan management and fiduciary oversight tools - integrate and synchronize your plan management tools and data services, including third-party vendors, for improved fiduciary support while growing your business.
  • Reporting - create customized, pre-defined analysis and reports.
  • Centralized dashboards - oversee all aspects of plan management and monitor key indicators while providing full data access for deeper dives and custom views.

Personalized Financial Wellness Center

Access financial education content and tools for targeted campaigns, financial wellness communications, and enrollment meetings.