SS&C Algorithmics Financial Risk APIs

SS&C Algorithmics Financial Risk APIs are a cloud native ecosystem of risk and investment management micro-services providing simplified, immediate access to sophisticated tools delivered by API. These APIs can be leveraged together or separately based on business need. Financial Risk APIs are offered via an attractive consumption-based pricing model. Clients can pay as they go based on how much they use the tools. As each service is offered as a multi-tenant solution, the infrastructure can be scaled dynamically to meet client demands. Seamless data and hardware integration allow for intuitive use of the APIs, accessible in the language of your choice.

Rapidly Deployable - No implementation required. Start working as soon as you are provisioned access.

Intuitive - Easy access to sophisticated risk models using intuitive API requests, accessible in the language of your choice.

Scalable - Compute extremely large requests quickly leveraging the power of Cloud Infrastructure.

Built for Innovation - A foundation for innovation labs at FSIs and fintech startups looking to leverage sophisticated risk technology to build the financial services infrastructure of tomorrow.

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