SS&C Algorithmics Learning License

An Algorithmics Learning License provides on-demand access to the full library of training content for the Algorithmics family of products. Continuous access empowers you to enable all of your users, both functional (end-users) and technical (system administrators and operators) at every stage of the project. The benefits to your organization are ongoing. The materials are available on a self-serve basis, 24/7, providing continuous learning and development for your employees. The Algorithmics Learning License plan is especially beneficial to teams with periodic new members allowing them to instantly be enabled in their new roles.

With this program, your organization can realize the full potential of your SS&C Algorithmics Solutions.

  • Get the right learning to the right people at the right time.
  • Just-in-time availability, offering access when users need it most.
  • Discover new features to enhance the way the product is used and deployed.
  • Never stop learning as new content and material are regularly added to the library.
  • Interactive and prescriptive learning lets learners proceed at their own pace.

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