SS&C Algorithmics XVA

The SS&C Algorithmics XVA solution enables a high performance calculation of XVA exposures measures and the sensitivity of these measures to market factors. The timely calculation of all of the XVA sensitivities required by Front Office Traders and Middle Office Risk Managers can be achieved without additional hardware. The systems also supports a detailed breakdown of all of the steps of the calculations delivering a detailed verification of the XVA measures and sensitivities.

CVA Capital Requirements - Verification of Credit Valuation Adjustments Capital requirements prior to regulatory submission.

Capital Optimization - Reduction in the amount of required capital if the bank is currently using the basic FRTB-CVA methodology.

Front Office Hedging - Performance improvement allows traders on the XVA desk to react rapidly to significant market moves.

Competitive Advantage - Ability to quickly rebalance portfolios in the event of a significant market move.

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