BRIX – Benefits Real-time Information Exchange

Add value to your benefits offering for plan sponsor clients. 

For insurers and agents, BRIX is an employee benefits administration platform that optimizes the enrollment and administration process for maximum ease of use and employee participation. With BRIX, you can offer your plan sponsor clients and their employees access to a flexible and intuitive employee benefits solution.  BRIX frees your clients’ HR departments from many of the administrative burdens of annual enrollment, new hires and ongoing life events.

Some of the largest carriers, brokers and private health insurance exchanges in the U.S. use BRIX as the engine for their service offerings to deploy new services, new products and innovative employee benefits solutions. BRIX makes it easy to differentiate your firm, build more consultative relationships and increase client retention. 

  • Deliver a tailored enrollment solution for each plan sponsor client’s unique requirements.
  • Create a seamless enrollment experience that Integrates core, group, voluntary and worksite employee benefits while ensuring compliance with complex plan design rules.
  • Offer self-service or assisted enrollment support via our consumer portal for annual events, new hire, and perpetual enrollments, or offer the option of year-round full benefits administration.

BenefiX: Simplify employee benefits management and administration.

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