DST Vision

Increase client management efficiency

Effective post-sales servicing of your distribution network is essential to strengthening the relationships you have with valued selling partners. DST Vision, the premier financial intermediary website, provides:

  • Advisors’ one-stop access to their book of business.
  • Name-based navigation across an advisor’s book-of-business
  • Presentation of account information through systematic groupings of clients and households
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Self-Servicing Tools for Financial Advisors

More than 96,000 active monthly users take advantage of Vision’s powerful, easy-to-use tools, and access to real-time, critical information for effectively managing their client relationships. Over 450 product companies, including mutual funds, variable annuities, and alternative investment companies participate.

Vision Home Office: Designed exclusively for the broker-dealer and trust company home office, Vision Home Office integrates critical real-time information with interactive self-servicing tools to help manage daily operations more efficiently.

Vision Professional: An advisor-branded turnkey aggregation and client-reporting tool integrated with deep analytics including advisor-branded customer reports, quarter-end and daily reporting and product analytics.

Account management simplified

Real-time access to account details and reports

Book of business reports

Transaction activity and alerts

Comprehensive account details

Systematic grouping by clients and household

Transaction processing

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