Sharpen your alternative investment strategy.

If you’re allocating capital to alternative funds, SS&C GlobeOp’s FundHub can help you make better-informed investment decisions. FundHub is a web-based tool for building and managing alternative investment portfolios, providing investors with analytics and due diligence capabilities. Model strategies using return-based data with preferred ratios to rank alternative investment funds.

  • Analyze and review performance of both existing and potential alternative investment fund holdings, leveraging data from multiple sources. 
  • Create portfolios with detailed performance tracking, NAV generation and trial balance comparison support.
  • Manage funds, documents, investors, contracts, subscriptions, redemptions, and other related data, all within a fully integrated environment.

For Fund Managers: Connect with investors.

As a platform that allows investors to interact with funds, FundHub can also be used by fund managers to gain exposure to prospective investors. Managers can publish their performance to a large network of qualified investors who are actively seeking investment opportunities.