Simplify the servicing of assets with complex global requirements.

HiPortfolio is the award-winning investment accounting and asset servicing solution. Third-party administrators, asset managers and insurance firms in more than 35 countries rely on HiPortfolio’s ability to account for complex local, regional and global processing and tax requirements.

With broad instrument coverage and multi-currency capabilities, HiPortfolio allows you to manage the full transaction lifecycle, from trade capture, investment accounting and fund administration, through cash management, reconciliation, corporate actions processing, unit pricing and taxation, to performance measurement and attribution.

Reduce costs: Eliminate single-purpose applications, offline workarounds and manual processes.

Reduce operational risks: Increase control by automating the full transaction lifecycle in one system.

Gain business intelligence: Visualize and analyze data trends via dashboards.

Support business growth and geographic expansion: HiPortfolio is a scalable solution that can accommodate new assets, products, strategies and services, and meets global operational requirements.